Surprising Common Sense Co-Marketing For Local SMBs


Let me start by saying that this post is specifically for local independent SMBs with its own local office/store and face-to-face client interactions. Myself being one of such SMB, with limited resources and localized business scope, would like to take this opportunity to share about a new-customer acquisition approach that works just great for us similar local SMBs.

Now we all do aim for revenue growth, which comes from business volume growth based on either the increase of business value per customer/transaction, or based on the increase of  number of customers. The former requires improvement of the product/service offering to existing customers, while the latter takes major marketing step-up effort for actual results.

While I cannot help you with enhancement of your product/service for increasing dollars per transaction/customer, I have something to boost your new customer acquisition. It is the “PatronPool” local co-marketing platform.

Get  In  Front  Of  Your  Potential  New  Customers

Intuitively there are simply that many customers for your type of business locally, simple as that. So the matter of increasing your customer base is plainly getting ahead of your competitors to be “in front of” your potential new customers, so that next time they need your type of service/product, you’re the one at the top of their list.

The mostly recommended way to get ahead of your competitors to be in front of potential new customers is to improve your web site’s search ranking with SEO, and also social media coverage. These are the so called inbound marketing that aims to increase the traffic to your web site, when your potential customers launch their search for your type of product/service.

The  “Sit  And  Wait”  Site

But not everybody can get on the first page of the search result, not forever at least. The inbound marketing is a “sit and wait while looking pretty” approach in average. You may throw money at it but the return of investment is usually hard to quantify and justify. For me, inbound marketing is in “passive/waiting” mode. You need something better to take you beyond this “passive/waiting” position.

E-mail marketing is that something which can take you beyond the “passive/waiting” position to “proactive/reaching” action. E-mail marketing has been the old old thing since the birth of e-mail, and it seems like everybody’s doing it one way or the other. But using e-mail marketing to acquire new customers? How can that be right? Don’t you need to know the person’s e-mail address to send him/her the e-mail, and by definition you cannot have your potential new customer e-mail address first, right?


Well, it is true that you cannot have the e-mail address of your potential new customers first – unless you buy an e-mail list from someone and pray that it’s worthy of the price that you’ve paid for. Purchased e-mail list should not evaluated prior to be put to use. There has to be a better way than purchased e-mail list – and there is.

The  Magical  Co-Marketing  E-mail

As most of us doing e-mail marketing, we are sending promotion e-mails, coupons, or newsletters to OUR OWN opt-in customers only. You are doing this to your own customers, just like the other 30 SMBs 5 blocks around you doing the similar e-mail marketing to their own customers. How about some of those 30 SMBs carry your promotion message or coupons along in their next e-mail campaign to their own customers?

A  Consumer’s  Circle  Of  Life

Let’s break away a bit here with a little scenario: Let’s say someone has just moved to your town. The new comer needs a place to stay, meals to cook, groceries to get at day one. And bakery and gas station to stop by, and etc. in the next couple of days. Followed by car wash, laundry, hair care, and etc. for the week next. Then gym, dentist, pet store, clothing, cafe, spa, pharmacy, and etc., all that gradually make way into his/her new phase of life in this new town. End of the scenario, and let’s keep this new comer’s “sequence of new life phase expansion” as a little mental picture for a while…

Jump to we merchant side about the above new comer. Every local SMB gets equal chance to be a part in the new life phase of the new comer – and to have him/her become a new customer. Now as a local SMB, if you do not find a way to “go over and reach” this potential new customer quickly in time, he/she will eventually become the new customer of one of your local competitors inevitably and unfortunately (for you).

Break  Into  The  Consumer  Life  Circle

And now back to e-mail marketing, with our little mental picture in the above. Every interaction the new comer has had with some local businesses in his/her new life phase is a great opportunity to “refer” the new comer to additional local SMB products/services that he/she will need down the line. This is the perfect time for YOU to get in there to be in front of the new comer, to “reach” him/her and leave a nice first impression, to significantly escalate your chance of being the new comer’s first choice when he/she needs your type of service/product.

That is, you need to be there when the new comer interacts with the other local SMBs. You need to be the other local SMBs’ co-marketing partner in order to gain this unique position. Other than having your business brochure handed out by your co-marketing SMBs to their clients (new comers or good old customers), you can also “piggyback” your promotion contents onto your co-marketing SMBs’ e-mails that are delivered to their own clients.

Multi-way  Piggyback  Co-Marketing  Networking

And in this world of “what’s in this for me”, you should of course have your co-marketing partner SMBs’ promotion contents “piggyback” onto your e-mails to all your clients as well, as the return of favor based on the co-marketing partnership.

And of course such local e-mail co-marketing approach is effective beyond simply for acquiring new comers as new customers, it serves also excellently in”winning over” customers from your competitors, and also as a effective way to “mobilize/bring out” customers who were not aware of the value-proposition, availability, and accessibility of your product/service previously.

The more local consumers get to see your promotions/coupons the better for your business, simple as that. Local co-marketing e-mail is the way to achieve it. The only question: how many co-marketing partner candidates can you find and reach out to propose and form the partnership, and HOW EASY?

You  Can  Do  It  All  By  Yourself,  But  Why?

Great! Sounds like local e-mail co-marketing is a great thing to take up on. It’s all common sense, realistic and practical isn’t it? But how do you find the candidates of your local c0-marketing partner SMBs? How to you reach out to them? How do you and your partnering c0-marketing SMBs add e-mail promotion content “piggyback” onto each others’ customer e-mails? How do you find time and resources to manage all these? Surely you can do it all, as it is common sense, realistic and practical. But if there’s a way to expedite the process, if there’s a place where all local SMBs come together to explore for co-marketing partnership possibilities among each other?


“PatronPool”  Does  It All  For  You

That’s where “PatronPool” steps in to establish the whole local co-marketing e-mail marketing ecosystem. Specifically the “PatronPool” platform facilitates you with the following services:

  • Early Bird free sign-up for “PatronPool” biz user account
  • Explore local SMBs for co-marketing partner candidates on “PatronPool” map
  • Send co-marketing partnership invitation e-mail via “PatronPool”
  • Request/Confirm/Finalize co-marketing partnership with the invited candidates after they completed their sign-up to “PatronPool”
  • Establish your “PatronPool” promotion e-mail campaigns
  • Dispatch your “PatronPool” promotion e-mails along with “piggyback” contents from your co-marketing partners (and vice versa from your co-marketing partners)
  • Check and analyze the statistics of potential new customers reached via the co-marketing “piggyback” on each co-marketing partners
  • Form more “PatronPool” co-marketing partnerships and repeat the “PatronPool” co-marketing e-mail campaigns

Come  And  Pick  Your  Co-Marketing  Candidates

If “PatronPool” sounds right for you, do come by for more information and free Early Bird sign-up at We have hundreds of co-marketing candidates in every major US city/town, readily visible on the “PatronPool” map for your exploration to form your mutually profitable co-marketing partnerships immediately.


   –   YJ  (The  PatronPool  Guy)